Home Pros Marketing Boot Camp

The #1 obstacle that we see home service professionals facing when growing their business is they have no system— no proven game plan— to follow.

Have you gone through this loop?

  • I need to advertise.
  • What is the best channel to advertise?
  • Why aren’t more people sending referrals?
  • How will I stay consistent on marketing my business while I’m busy executing jobs?
  • How will I increase my sales conversions and see a good return on my marketing dollars?
  • How will I manage an increased flow of leads so prospects aren’t frustrated?

We’ve been in your shoes.

Having grown multiple home services business to over 1M in revenue and generated tens of thousands of leads for home services companies through digital marketing campaigns, we know the challenges you are facing.

The one thing that helped us more than anything was personalized advice on our exact situation from someone that had been there before.

Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you what to do.

We’ve been able to help our clients grow their businesses and their incomes through marketing and direct sales coaching.

Over the last few years, our CEO has offered private sales coaching sessions for small business owners and salespeople.

______ is one of our clients

Here is what he had to say:

Here is how Home Pros Bootcamp works:

Step 1

  • Upon first signing up, we review all of your current marketing strategies and materials and determine where improvements need to be made
  • Then, we will develop a custom, 6-month marketing plan for your business based on your business goals, operational capacity, and available resources.

Step 2

  • Once a month, we’ll have a 1-hour call with you that will be recorded
    • We will help you determine exactly what to do next and answer these questions
      • What current campaigns are working and not working?
      • What is the next step I should do in my marketing plan?
      • How can we improve the performance of your current campaigns?
      • What are the new tests you should run to further improve performance?
    • We will review all of your latest campaigns and I will provide you 2-3 action items and next steps for you to implement.

Step 3

  • You will also have access to our advanced learning modules that take the Home Pros Academy course to the next level
  • There will be 2 group coaching calls per month where you’ll learn from other home services professionals who are facing similar challenges.
HomePros Boot Camp

Because of the amount of focus and attention required for each participant to get the most from our coaching program, admission is limited to 5 students per month.

The cost is only $500 for 6 months—we’re only talking $83 per month. That’s barely $20 per week. The amount of value you’ll get from this program far exceeds the price.

Having completed the Home Pros Boot Camp, you’ve got everything you need to grow your business to next level.