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The core values of Home Pros Marketing

Home Pros Marketing is driven by our core values. Our team is passionate about truly impacting home services businesses across the country and helping them navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Every business decision we make is founded in the values we’ve created as a company.

We believe our work is most fulfilling when we are working with home pros who are well-informed and confident in the marketing decisions they are making for their business. That’s what drives our business every day.


Beneficial – Marketing can be one of the most beneficial investments for a business. How marketers report on their findings, sell their services, and under-emphasize the other components of your business that need to be ironed out before launching a marketing campaign can make marketing feel like anything but a benefit. We strive to tie everything back to the direct benefits our efforts are having on your business/marketing goals.


Uncomplicated – Our industry makes marketing tactics unnecessarily complicated to understand. We strive to uncomplicate the marketing landscape and help home pros better understand the options available to them so that they can make informed business decisions.


Intentional – We strive to make all of our business decisions based on our company’s values. We believe in making every business decision to better the lives of our partners. We believe in what marketing can do for a business, but we don’t stand behind what and how some marketers sell. We want our partners to feel confident and comfortable with the investments they make and have the ability to track the impact it is having on their business.


Learning – We believe our sales process parallels what home pros experience when educating homeowners on the differences in product types, levels of service, etc. We strive to work with our partners to educate them on the entire marketing landscape, the pros/cons of multiple channels, and any new updates or changes that have impacts on what they’re doing from a marketing perspective.


Decisive – The specific home services niche you’re in, the market you service, and time of year have significant impacts on the marketing investment and tactics a home pro should make. We strive to help our partners make the best decision for their business — we will never make decisions based off our service offerings or margins.


Impactful – There are pros and cons to almost any marketing channel you can invest in. What marketing mix you choose needs to be based off of how you want to position your brand, your level of risk, your business operations, and the competitive nature of your specific niche. We strive to make an impact on the businesses and lives of our partners by helping steer them in the direction that makes most sense for them. We believe in building life-long relationships with our partners and strive to have an impact on the lives of our partners while we work with them and for long after the business relationship ends.


Transparent – We believe open, honest conversations and access to marketing information is the best way to help home pros. We work to expose the pros/cons of every marketing channel and provide our partners with the most up to date marketing information on every tactic available – regardless of whether or not it’s something we can execute on in house.

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