Digital Marketing: Social Media 101

What is Social Media?

Social Media includes all platforms (websites and applications) that were created to connect people to other people and allow them to share content quickly and in live-time. It’s a broad term that can be used to define multiple platforms, but for our purposes, we use the term social media for paid and organic media that allow you to post content to an audience.  Social Media platforms we encourage home pros to consider include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Social MediaHow is Social Media Used in Home Services Marketing?

Social Media is used by home service professionals to connect with their current customers and prospective customers within a given location. Social Media is used to increase brand awareness, add a human tone to your brand, enhance your customer experience, stay in front of your customers, generate new customers and boost sales. Social Media is also used to offer customer service.

Social Media advertising can also be used to pay to get in front of your targeted audience. When a home services professional pays to get in front of their target audience it’s usually for either increased brand awareness or to generate new customers and to boost sales.

What are the Pros of Social Media?

Social Media when done organically is cheap (just your time) and low cost if you are paying for it. You can also schedule posts immediately so the engagement you see from campaigns can happen quickly. Social Media is a great way to stay in front of your customers and to build positive brand sentiment. It also allows you to quickly respond to customer service inquiries and when handled properly, shows future customers that you are dedicated to resolving issues, and shows that you take that portion of your business seriously.

What are the Cons of Social Media?

Like other passive forms of advertising, there is no guarantee that the audience you are getting in front of needs your services. You could be running the best campaign with the best offers, but if your audience doesn’t have a need for your services, it won’t convert the way that more in market strategies (PPC and SEO) can.

What are the Key Elements that Should be Done to Ensure Social Media is Successful?

The biggest mistake most home services professionals do with Social Media is not being consistent with their channels.  While Social Media is relatively easy to upkeep, we don’t recommend starting to build an audience and a voice on social if you aren’t going to maintain it.

In order for Social Media to be successful with home services businesses, you should have a consistent message and tone.  Keep in mind that this isn’t your personal account, so you should only convey messages related to your business. Stay away from sharing political or personal posts; share content that is relevant to your brand and don’t treat it like your personal accounts. Make sure you respond to inquiries and comments in a timely and professional manner and that you are consistent with how often you post.