Our Story

In 2006, our Co-Founder Chris worked in sales with a kitchen remodeling company and took their business from $300,000 to $1,000,000 in revenue in two years. During that time, he started learning more about internet marketing and became passionate about the industry. He left the that business to work for an enterprise level digital marketing agency in Atlanta.

While working at that agency, Chris met our other Co-Founder, Amanda. Amanda specialized in B2B marketing and sales, and Chris drove media strategies for clients. In their seven years, they worked with large home services companies like Window World, Terminix, TruGreen, and Maid Brigade.

In 2017 (following the love story that isn’t as applicable to the business story) Chris and Amanda bought and re-built from the studs a home in close-by Smyrna, Georgia. During the process, they worked with dozens of home services companies to get bids on everything from windows, siding, plumbing, pool restoration, in-home audio equipment, and landscaping.

From enterprise level companies to one-man crews, there were a few things most home services providers had in common- they were missing BIG gaps in their customer experience marketing. From poor website and internet visibility to mishandling their phones and failing to follow up to see where they were in the buying process, our founders quickly realized there was a need for more marketing professionals to help this group out.

As they started building relationships with more home service providers, what they found was shocking.  Most of these companies had been investing in some sort of marketing for years- and while some were getting okay results, others were getting blatantly ripped off.

From paying over $5,000 for a website that never happened, monthly SEO services when they didn’t have a website, the hyper competitive lead bidding on Home Advisor and Angie’s List, and not emphasizing the importance of having basic call answering services before launching any marketing- Amanda and Chris were horrified to be in the same industry as fraudulent marketers who were charging for services that their clients weren’t receiving.

What’s worse is now that we have trusted home pro partners we work closely with, we see how often home service companies are getting pitched for marketing services on a daily basis. Everyone has a “magic offering” guaranteed to result in the marketing solution every home service provider needs to buy.

That’s not to say there aren’t some amazing digital marketers out there doing good work for home services clients.  There certainly are. The industry is just making it really difficult for home pros to make the best decisions when it comes to marketing their business. The truth is there isn’t a magic pill when it comes to marketing. What’s going to work for some won’t work for all, and how much you should invest and what you should invest in depends heavily on your individual business operations, bandwidth, market, and niche.

We know we won’t end up working with everyone we talk to.  But our mission is to provide as much information as possible to every home pro so that more of you all can get the most of your marketing and better navigate the ever-changing digital world to make the best decisions for your business. We have designed programs to help everyone in home services understand the ever-changing digital landscape. While our modules are created for marketing in 2020, we will continue to update them as algorithms, tactics, and channels change, giving home pros everywhere an opportunity to make smart decisions with their marketing dollars.